Home Equity Loans

Our Home Equity Loan is a valuable resource where you have a revolving line of credit secured by the equity you have in your home. You can use this loan for home improvements, consolidate bills, pay school tuition, for that dream vacation, or any other good purpose.

Consumer Loan Contacts

Name LocationPhoneE-Mail
Susie KnustEllettsville(812) 876-2228sknust@psbanywhere.com
Cindy BrownEllettsville(812) 876-2228cbrown@psbanywhere.com
Chuck TaylorBloomington, North(812) 332-9228ctaylor@psbanywhere.com
Russell PercifieldBloomington, South(812) 333-2179rpercifield@psbanywhere.com
Russell PercifieldBloomington, East(812) 333-4228rpercifield@psbanywhere.com
Kaitlyn DonahueBloomington, West(812) 333-8228kdonahue@psbanywhere.com
Kaitlyn DonahueBloomington, Kirkwood(812) 333-2228kdonahue@psbanywhere.com
Lynne HasteMorgantown(812) 597-2228lhaste@psbanywhere.com
Ashley HazelrigNashville(812) 988-6633ahazelrig@psbanywhere.com
Judy SilcoxSpencer(812) 829-2228jsilcox@psbanywhere.com
Judy SilcoxParagon(765) 537-2460jsilcox@psbanywhere.com

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